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The following list are common symptoms of children with feeding difficulties that may be the result of oral tactile sensitivities.

Also, please note that there may be a medical component if your child is struggling with eating a variety of foods / eating enough to sustain the appropriate weight. If you have concerns with your child’d feeding skills and/or weight gain, consult your pediatrician. Medical issues such as food allergies or acid reflux can have similar symptoms as those listed below.

1.) Resisting any smooth textured foods (yogurt, pudding, pureed foods)
2.) Very limited diet, usually only tolerating 3-5 foods
3.) Wanting food at only one temperature (has to be room temperature, for example)
4.) Wanting only dry, crunchy foods
5.) Extremely limited tolerance for fruit, vegetables, and meats
6.) Eating only with utensils, never touching foods with hands
7.) Always prefers to be served alone, never touching other foods
8.) Preference for beige foods
9.) Difficulty eating meals at the table
10.) Difficulty with brushing teeth