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Another area of sensory processing is the referred to as sensory modulation.

Dr. Jean Ayres, often considered the “founder” of sensory Processing theory, defined modulation as the “brain’s regulation of its own activity”. It involves facilitating some neural messages to produce an enhanced response and inhibiting other messages to reduce activity. She highlighted the role of the vestibular system in modulating the activity of the other systems.

Modulation has also be referred to as the process that keeps brain activity in harmony with all the other functions of the nervous system.

Possible Signs of Modulation deficits:

  • Getting aggressive–pinching or spitting, usually in a taunting way
  • being extremely silly
  • Being unresponsive
  • Laughing uncontrollably
  • Losing control of his body–getting extremely limp and/or clumsy
  • Resists new situations
  • Can be very impulsive or distractible.
  • Becoming either hyper- or hypo-sensitive to pain and other physical stimuli
  • Humming and clicking while wandering around aimlessly